We have gone  Cashless  for all seasons!

Credit, Debit, and Mobile only. Click HERE to learn more

Our Covid-19 Safety Plan

Below is our detailed plan of operation for our Strawberry Season. Our number one goal is to uphold a safe and healthy environment, while still operating our farm to continue growing lasting memories & traditions! 

U-Pick Strawberries Plan

  1. Guests arrive and park in our east parking lot, or grass overflow area.

  2. We recommend wearing a mask, gloves, or other protective gear. However, we do NOT require this to come picking.

  3. Walk around main store to our U-pick barn on the West side. 

  4. Please practice social distancing (6ft apart) throughout your entire visit.

  5. Enter U-pick barn to receive instructions and picking containers. Outside picking containers/bags are NOT allowed. Handles of picking carriers will be sanitized after every use, and new boxes will be given for each guest.

  6. There cannot be any combining of strawberries from multiple boxes upon your return from fields. Any box you take out to pick, the 5lbs minimum will apply. *No exceptions!

  7. After you grab the desired amount of picking containers, a Basse team member will direct you on to a wagon for a ride to the strawberry patch.

  8. *Now that we are offering wagon rides again this year, there will be NO walking to and from the fields for safety reasons.

  9. Once you arrive at the strawberry patch, a Basse team member will give instructions and direct you to a picking row.

  10. Please do not hop rows, or pick from other guest’s rows, if not following rules you will be asked to leave.

  11. Those with children, we require no more than 3 kids to one adult. This must be followed to help with social distancing practices. There is no running, jumping rows, throwing berries, etc. If these rules in regards to children are not followed you will be asked to leave.

  12. Once done picking place your flag in the straw row where you stopped picking. Walk back to the wagon pickup area to ride back, and please respect social distancing along the way.

  13. The exit is different from where you entered. As you arrive back from the wagon ride, please go to the shiny grain bin on the left. This is where you will check out and make payment (we are cashless) for your strawberries.

  14. Once at grain bin registers, take your strawberries in the cardboard box out from the carrying tray. Place used metal tray off to the side for a Basse team member to sanitize.

  15. When register team member is ready, place your strawberries onto scale. YOU must place and handle your berries, as we are trying to make this a contactless environment.

  16. To further the contactless environment, we will be CASHLESS for the strawberry season. Please insert your credit, debit, or bump mobile payments ONLY.

  17. Once you exit the strawberry checkout grain bin, you will be close to the parking lot. You are welcome to visit our main store, or lemonade wagon for refreshments/snacks while still respecting social distancing.

Pre-Picked Strawberries & Main Store Plan

  1. Guests arrive and park in our east parking lot, or grass overflow area.

  2. We recommend wearing a mask, gloves, or other protective gear. However, we do NOT require this to come.

  3. Upon arrival at our Main Store, please respect and practice social distancing (6ft)

  4. Pre-picked strawberries will NOT be self-serve, if need pre-picked strawberries please purchase from registers inside Main Store. Once purchased, a Basse team member will prepare and fulfill your purchased strawberries.

  5. Any other items in our store can be purchased at the registers as well. Donuts (on specific days only, while supplies last), ice cream, slushies, baked goods, etc. will also be available.

  6. To help create the most contactless environment. We have gone CASHLESS. Please use credit, debit, or mobile payments ONLY.

  7. Handles, knobs, rails, and other high traffic surfaces will be sanitized and cleaned often.

Our plan to keep you safe:

Hand Sanitizer

Providing hand sanitizer around the farm


Making transactions cashless and as contactless as possible


Ramping up our already vigorous cleaning procedures

We ask that you please:


Visit the farm only when you are healthy - if you have a fever, other symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days please stay home

Six Feet

Keep at least 6ft between your group and others 

Wash Hands

Use hand sanitizer and/or wash hands frequently

Covid-19 Warning

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. Senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By visiting Basse's, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.