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Company Outings

Join Us For Pumpkin Fest!

We have gone Cashless for all seasons! Credit, Debit, and Mobile only. Click HERE to learn more

Pumpkin Fest Corporate
& Large Group Outings

Thank you for your interest in a company outing/event during Pumpkin Fest! Treat your valued team members to an amazing family-friendly event at Basse’s Pumpkin Fest. 

Group Admission Pricing 

  • Each person attending will need to pay the daily general admission price. This allows your guests to enjoy all Pumpkin Fest attractions and shows. For groups, admission discounts start at 30 people and vary depending on your total groups size. 

  • 30-99 guests: $1 discount per person

  • 100-499 guests: $1.50 discount per person 

  • 500+ guests: $2 discount per person

  • Company outings/picnics are currently only available during our Pumpkin fest, we do not offer spring, summer, or winter options at this time. 

  • For more info on Pumpkin Fest, including hours and dates, please click here.

  • Please note, group discounts cannot be combined with other discounts, neither in person or online. 

Options For Corporate Guest Admissions

  1. A personal group check in table for reserved date.

    • This method requires you staff your own table (we can provide a table and chair upon request) in front of our admissions entrance to check in your guests. A small pop up, or subtle company signage may be used, but must be pre-approved by Basse's.

    • Admission materials will be provided to you when you arrive to your check in table on the day of your event before your guests arrive.  

    • A credit card must be on file with us and pre-approved before your event day. You will be charged for the number of guests that attend the event at the end of the day.

    • This choice is only available for groups of 100+ guests, and requires a reservation (first fill out our inquiry form below before booking a reservation). 

  2. Online ticketing & reserved date.​

    • ​This option offers a less hands on/in person approach for the event group organizer. Eliminating the personal group check in booth.   ​​

    • Your group tickets can be purchased completly online before you event day, which you would then either print and hand out tickets to your guests, or email tickets to your guests. 

    • On your event day, guests would bring their online tickets to scan at our online ticket booths for admittance.

    • This choice is only available for groups of 100+ guests, and requires a reservation (first fill out our inquiry form below before booking a reservation). 

  3. Flexible dates & online ticketing.

    • If a one-day group event is not in your plans, you may wish to treat your employees to prepaid General Admission Tickets, which will let your employees and their families attend Pumpkin Fest any time during the fall season.

    • You may purchase these admission tickets online and distribute them to employees as a form of recognition and reward!​

    • This choice is available to groups of any size, no reservation required, however please email us to confirm if your group is of 100 guests or more at

With flexible options, we hope that you choose to make Basse's Pumpkin Fest a part of your corporate tradition!

Corporate Add-Ons 

General admission to Basse's Pumpkin Fest includes 65+ attractions and fun for all ages, but we do offer some additional activities for an extra charge. 

Please note:  At this time add-ons are ONLY available for group admission option #1 & #2 

Option #1:

  • Please select the add-ons below you would like for your guests along with quantities, and notify us via email no later than a week before your event date. On the morning of your event, we provide desired add-on tickets to you for handing out to guests at your check in booth. The add-ons will be added to your balance due at the end of your event day. 

Option #2:

  • Before your event day, a pre-approved credit card would be placed on file with us, which your guests could then use during the event to purchase add-ons. For exact details on this option, please first indicate interest in the inquiry form and Basse staff will then email you to discuss further. 

Group add-ons:

  • Pick your own pumpkins from the patch (wagon rides are included with admission)

  • Beer or hard seltzers in our Beer Barn 

  • Apple cannons 

Quick Planning Guide

Step 1:

  • Meet with others in your group and decide on the admission option, the date, number of guests, add-ons, and to hash out any other details specific to your group.

Step 2:

  • Fill out our large group inquiry form below and submit. This form will help us better understand your plans. This form is not a reservation. Details you provided in the form can be fine tuned in the weeks leading up to your event date.   

Step 3:

  • We will reach out to you via email shortly after you submit the inquiry form to confirm your selections. 

Step 4: 

  • If you decided on a one-day group event, a reservation is required for the date of your selection. Please click on the large group 100+ guest reservation button below and follow the process to make a reservation.  

Step 5:​ 

  • Communicate to your guests your admission ticket distribution choice, as well as any other event information, and lastly come prepared for a whole bushel full of farmtastic family fun! :) 

Large groups & companies click below to fill out and submit inquiry form.

Inquiry Form is for
Large Groups 100+ only
Large groups & companies click below
to make a reservation.

*Groups with 30-99 guests,
no reservation needed* 

*Must submit Inquiry Form first before making a reservation*

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