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Food & Drink

Treats, sweets, munchies and more.

Grow Memories and Grow Your Belly!

We have gone  Cashless  for the fall season!

Credit, Debit, and Mobile only. Click HERE to learn more

"The most fun I have had in a long time! Great for all ages!!"

Abigail Freund

Summer Sweets, Treats & Munchies

* Only available during Strawberry Season *

Strawberry Season Hours and Availability: 

Mid June – Early July during Main Store Hours

Click here for more info and hours!

Treats located in our Main Store:

  • Soft serve ice cream

  • Strawberry Sundaes

  • Strawberry Slushes

  • Strawberry Shakes

  • Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (located outside in our lemonade wagon)

  • Fresh frozen pies

Sweets and Munchies located in our Main Store:

  • Salt water taffy

  • Assorted hard & soft candies

  • Assorted flavorful popcorns

  • Wisconsin honey

  • Large variety of jams, jellies, salsas, and dressings

  • Assortments of soup and bakery mixes

Summer Food

Corn Crib Cafe

* Only available during Pumpkin Fest *

Located in our main store​

  • Hand dipped caramel apples (made with homegrown honey crisp apples!) *no wedges on weekdays, and only in caramel apple wedge hut on weekends.*

  • Fresh made apple cider donuts (weekends ONLY 10am – 5:30pm while supplies last) 

  • Fresh assorted fudge

  • Apple cider slushies

  • Hot apple cider drinks

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Large assortment of candy

  • Salt water taffy

  • Large assortment of flavorful popcorn

Fall Food

Beer Barn

* Only available during Pumpkin Fest *

Enjoy up to 12 different local craft beers on tap! 

  • Hard seltzers also available

    • Hard kombuchas​

  • N/A options too 

Hours: 10am-5pm (weekends only)

Must be 21+ years of age, we ID! 



Located inside our Pumpkin Fest grounds.

  • Paid pumpkin fest admission required to visit Beer Barn (beer, hard seltzers, etc are extra cost)

  • Only available on weekends


The Coop

Located in our pumpkin fest grounds:

*Open on weekends 10am – 5pm*


  • Specialty apple cider sundae  

  • Specialty hot apple cider 

  • Apple cider slushies, ice cream, and more! 

*Only available during Pumpkin Fest*

Caramel Apple Wedge Hut 

*Only available during Pumpkin Fest* 

Located in our pumpkin fest grounds:

*Open on weekends 10am – 5pm*

  • Caramel apple wedges drizzled with the finest caramel. Add your favorite toppings and enjoy!

  • Fountain soda

  • And more! 

Food Trucks & Vendors

*Only available during Pumpkin Fest* 

Located in our Pumpkin Fest grounds:

*Open on weekends after 10am till 5pm*

  • Mr. P's Grilled Cheese

    • Grilled cheese perfection!

    • Available all Saturdays and Sundays during Pumpkin Fest*. 

    • *Not available Oct.14th & 15th, 29th

  • Hot Box Pizza MKE​

    • Rustic wood fired pizza! 

    • Available: Oct. 7&8, 14&15, 21&22

  • Roll MKE ​​

    • Roll MKE has delicious sandwiches, burgers, & more!

    • Available all weekends during Pumpkin Fest*.

    • *Not available Sept. 30th 

  • Pig Tailz

    • Yummy Tacos! 

    • Available only - Sept. 23rd 30th, Oct. 1,8,14&15, 21&22nd 

  • Littles BBQ Co

    • Chef inspired BBQ dishes!

    • Available all weekends during Pumpkin Fest*.

    • *Not available Oct. 8th

  • Tots On The Street

    • Gourmet stuffed tater tots! 

    • Available only: Oct. 1st,8th,15th​

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