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Special Events

Pig Races, Dog Shows & More

Always a great time!

-Andy Brooks

We have gone  Cashless  for the fall season!

Credit, Debit, and Mobile only. Click HERE to learn more


Pig Races

Every Saturday and Sunday Durning Pumpkin Festival 

11am, 1pm, 3pm

Watch the fastest racing pigs in Wisconsin compete is the Basses Taste of Country Pig Races!


Candy Cannon

Every Saturday and Sunday Durning Pumpkin Fest

5pm only

End your day with a sweet bang! Catch candy while it rains down from the sky!

dog show 1.jpg

Dog Show

September 17&18 | October 29&30

11:45am, 2pm, 4pm 

These dogs do a lot more than sit and stay. Witness some of the coolest dog tricks around.


Munchkin Mike's Dance Party

September 24&25

11:45am, 2pm, 4pm

The most exciting and interactive dance party you've ever seen on a farm!


Wild World Of Animals 

October 1st &2nd

11:45am, 2pm, 4pm

Come see some amazing and unique animals! 


Lumber Jack Show

October 8&9

11:45am, 2pm and 4pm

Get your adrenaline pumping with this high energy Lumber Jack show! YOHO!!!


Loop Rawlin's Wildwest Showdown

October 15&16

11:45am, 2pm and 4pm

Loop Rawlin's Wildwest Showdown. The most thrilling show in the west, with the most handsome cowboys in all of the wild wild west! 


Loop Rawlins

October 22&23

11:45am, 2pm and 4pm

You won't want to miss this Cowboy! Stunts, explosions, thrills, and cheesy jokes!! 

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