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Strawberry Season

When does strawberry season start? How can I be notified when picking has started/ended?

It all depends on the weather. Typically strawberry season starts in Mid June and ends around July 4th. To be notified of the seasons start, end, and to receive possible special promotions/discounts please join our email list. (click here to be taken to our signup page)

Is there a minimum pound requirement of strawberries I have to pick when I am in the strawberry patch? How can I tell how many pounds I have in my tray?

Yes, the minimum pound requirement is 5lbs of strawberries. We will have a weight scale available in the field for you to check the weight of your berries. If you come back with less than 5lbs of berries you will be charged for the 5lbs minimum regardless.

Am I allowed to eat the strawberries while in the field?

You are allowed only one or two samples to taste. You are not allowed to eat as many as you’d like. If you are eating as many as you’d like you will be asked to leave, as this is the product we sell, which makes it no different than if you were trying to eat all you’d like at a grocery store.

Are school tours available during strawberry season? Can large groups of small children come pick strawberries?

No, we do not offer school tours during our strawberry season. Just as we do not offer school tours, we do not allow groups of small children into the strawberry patch. The strawberry patch is simply not accommodating for groups of young children since the walk ways are narrow and strawberries can be easily squished. Reducing the chances of squished berries helps us ensure the best quality fruit for our guests. That doesn’t mean young children can’t come pick, we just ask not in groups. Young children are welcome to come pick with their parents or guardian. We require one parent or guardian to every 2-3 young children.

Are young children welcome to come picking in the strawberry patch?

Yes. We just ask that parents keep a close eye on their children. Especially since strawberries are so easy to step on and squish. Please do your best to keep the young ones in your own straw isle. Some rules to remember – There is no running in the patch, jumping over strawberry rows, or throwing strawberries.

Is it muddy in the fields? What should I wear when picking?

Yes, there are times when the fields are muddy and wet due to the weather or our irrigation system. We recommend wear boots or old shoes when coming to pick. Also dress accordingly for the weather conditions.

Do you close down during rain?

We will stay open if it is a light rain. We will close down if there is lightening, or if the rain is heavy and excessive. Please call our hotline (262) 628-3866 to make sure we are open before coming to pick.

Do I need to bring my own picking containers?

No, we provide all you need for picking supplies.

Can I bring my stroller out to the strawberry patch?

No. We do not allow strollers into the strawberry patch. Our strawberry rows are narrow and a stroller will squish berries. Also, strollers do not fit well anywhere on our hayride wagons. We do have spots in our u-pick barn where you can park your stroller before riding to the fields. (For Covid-19 exceptions have been made and strollers are allowed, but must be kept outside of the strawberry patch)

Can I walk to the strawberry fields? Can I walk back from the strawberry fields to the u-pick barn?

No. Everyone must take a wagon ride to and from the fields. With several tractors driving around constantly, it becomes dangerous to walk on the roads to or from the fields. Please wait for the next tractor and wagon to give you a ride. (For Covid-19 there are no wagon rides and everyone must walk to and from fields. This is an exception for seaon 2020)

If I don’t want to pick my own strawberries can I buy pre-picked ones?

Yes. We will be selling pre-picked strawberries daily at our main store from 9am-5pm and 9am-7pm on Wednesday. (while supplies last. – Come early in the day to ensure good berry selection)

Do you ever have to close down because you’ve run out of strawberries?

Yes, although it is rare, we may close down due to berries ripening. In the event we are picked out of ripe berries we will close for a day or so until more ripen up. As always please call our hotline (262) 628-3866 to check berry status before coming to pick.

Can I bring food or beverages out into the fields?

We allow only reusable water bottles or canisters to be taken into the fields. Food items, drinks/sodas, or any items that turn into “trash” in the fields are not allowed. We also do not allow large food carry ins at the farm.

When do you have fresh peas? Can we pick our own peas?

Sugar snap peas, garden peas, and snow peas are usually available within a week after strawberries are ready. (Please join our email list to know exactly when we start having peas available) No, you can not pick your own peas.

Lost and Found

If you have lost an item at our farm please call our main store or contact us via email to see if we have found the lost item. We keep all lost items until the end of our season, and whatever is not claimed by then is donated.

What forms of payment are acccepted at strawberry season?

Basse’s is now a cashless operation during all seasons. We accept all major credit, debit, and mobile payments. Please see our Cashless page for more info. For the best experience, we recommend bringing credit, debit, or mobile payment types.

Pumpkin Fest

Are there refunds in the event of rain?

No, there are no refunds or rainchecks. Poor weather conditions are out of our control, please check the weather forecasts before coming. However, we will do our very best to keep open during rain/muddy conditions, as long as conditions are safe to do so!

Do I get a free pumpkin with admission?

No, any pumpkins you’d like to take home, either from the pumpkin patch or off our lawn, are an extra charge. The free pumpkin with admission promotion of previous years has come to an end. A hayride to the pumpkin patch is included with admission, and any pumpkins you decide to bring back from the field will be an extra charge.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes, all children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a paying parent/adult. Children under the age of 15 will not be allowed to enter PumpkinFest without an adult/parent.

What age is Basse’s PumpkinFest most appropriate for? Do parents/adults have to pay admission?

One of the great things about Basse’s PumpkinFest is the fact that it offers something that everyone, of all ages, can enjoy. From babies, all the way up to grandma and grandpa, our goal is to make sure everyone in your group leaves with memories to cherish. Thus, yes, all ages 2+ do pay admission.

Can I bring in my own food?

No, we do not allow any carry in food items into PumpkinFest. Strollers, backpacks, and handbags are subject to search/check.

What is the age cutoff  for free admission?

Ages under 2 (0-23 months) are free. The cutoff point is the age of 2, meaning anyone age 2 and over must pay admission.

What activities can free attendees (ages under 2: 0-23months) participate in?

Ages under 2 (free attendees) can participate in everything that we deem is safe for them to enjoy. We take safety very serious, and some of our activities are just not safe for the little ones. Some activities that are not suitable for under 2 year olds – Jumping pillows, giant slides, bouncy houses, ropes course, zip lines, bull riders, peddle carts, rat racers, corn crib caverns. Any activities not previously listed are appropriate for under 2 year olds to enjoy with their adult!

Can I leave the gates and come back in?

Yes, just make sure to get your hand stamp and keep your wristband on! That wristband and hand stamp is good for re-entry that day only.

Is Basse’s PumpkinFest wheel chair accessible?

The majority of Basse’s is on unpaved farm ground, but we do our very best to make our event as accessible to all our guests as possible. Wheel chairs and strollers can be brought on premises, but the ground (like any farm) can be bumpy in spots. The remainder of the event is spread out over grass, and dirt and gravel that could be somewhat difficult to push through in some areas.

Do you have restrooms?

There are porta potties on site with hand washing stations and baby changing stations. We also have a few wheel chair accessible porta potties.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Basse’s is now a cashless operation during the fall season. We accept all major credit, debit, and mobile payments. Please see our Cashless page for more info. For the best experience, we recommend bringing credit, debit, or mobile payment types.

Are pets allowed?

Though we are big animal lovers, pets are not allowed inside our event, with the exception of service dogs. In these cases, we ask that your dog be kept on a leash and that you please clean up after any messes.

Do you ever close due to poor weather?

Extreme, unforeseen weather can force us to close at any time and an announcement regarding any weather closure will be posted on our news outlets and posted here online.

Can I bring in alcohol?

We do not allow alcohol to be brought in. Strollers, backpacks, and handbags are subject to check/search.

Can I smoke on the farm?

No smoking or e-cigs are allowed. There is a lot of straw, cornstalks, and other very flammable decorations all over the farm. Again, we want to keep an enjoyable and safe experience for all our guests!

What are your busiest and slowest times to visit?

Saturdays and Sundays are our busiest days, with the two middle weekends in October being the most busy. Our slowest times are early in our season during September, and late in October. Coming during the weekdays is a good choice as it is much less crowded and cheaper. (see our pricing page for more info on weekday prices and activities).

If I buy my tickets online, do I print them out?

Online tickets will be emailed to you and you have three options once arriving at our ticket booth:A. Present a printed copy of the ticket
B. Show it on your phone
C. Just give your name at our ticket booth & we can look up your purchase

Can I buy pre-season tickets, and where?

Yes, discounted pre-season tickets will be available before each season online only. Please see our fall or pricing page to buy tickets online. Pre-season tickets are not available at our main store before our season starts.

Is there PumpkinFest on the Weekdays and what activities are open? What are the Weekday hours

Yes! If you are looking for a more relaxed/less busy day to come enjoy the farm then weekdays are a perfect option! All activities are open on weekdays except for the two train rides, walk throughs, bouncy houses(jumping pillows will be open), and performances/shows/candy cannon. (See our pumpkinfest page for more info). Weekday hours for PumpkinFest are 1:30pm – 5:30pm.

Can I get a refund or return the pumpkins I buy?

No, all pumpkin sales are final.

Lost and Found

If you have lost an item at our farm please call our main store or contact us via email to see if we have found the lost item. We keep all lost items until the end of our season, and whatever is not claimed by then is donated.

Do I need to pay admission to shop in the store?

No, you do not need to pay admission to shop in our store.

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