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We hire remarkable team members. Basse’s is the hardest fun job you’ll ever have! We are in the business of “growing memories” to all those who visit our farm. Our customers are coming to our farm to have fun! Fun is defined differently for each person but each person knows what fun is. As a team member you will interact directly with people who are looking for a fun, family-friendly outing. They have planned their adventure, driven an hour or more, and are planning to spend an exciting fun filled day with us. All they need is a little help and a happy Basse’s team member to make their day amazing!

It is our job to make sure our guests get started quickly, find the services they need throughout the day, and have fun during the span of their visit. We are the fun coordinators for their day of adventure here at Basse’s! All we have to do is help make their day amazing! Sound fun?

If not, please do not apply for this job. Every year we have more applicants that apply than we could possibly hire. So if you are not up for smiling and helping people (for 5-8hr shifts) to make their day amazing, then this job is not for you.

"Fantastic fun!! All the staff we encountered were excellent!

-Melissa Burton


Why the job is so great?

Every day is different and exciting on our farm! Working at Basse’s is a unique, rewarding, and fun experience. It is a way to meet new people and to learn something new. By far the most unique and rewarding part of this job is that you are directly involved in helping families grow lasting memories and traditions! Think back to a fond memory, of a day when you and your family had a blast together enjoying an activity or adventure…as you look back on those joyful moments it warms your heart! We cherish moments like this!  So what is the BEST part of this job? It’s that YOU have an opportunity to help make MAGICAL family memories for others, which they may also reminisce and cherish for a lifetime!

Job Opportunities

Seasonal Employment: We have a variety of positions open for seasonal work. If you are interested in a seasonal position (mid-June until the end of October) with us, please click the link below to download our application! 

We are looking to hire for our Strawberry and Fall season only at this time: 

  • Strawberry season is usually 2-4 weeks, weather depending (mid-June to early July)

  • Fall season is usually 6-8 weeks, weather depending (Early Sept. to Oct. 31st) 


(Early applications are not reviewed until end of April)

*Must be age 15+ to apply! 

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