We have gone Cashless.

Safer, faster, and more efficient. All in an effort to provide the best customer experience possible! Now accepting credit, debit, and mobile payments only.

Cashless FAQ

Why did you decide to go cashless?

There were several factors that went into the decision to transition to card and mobile payment only transactions. Faster. Eliminating the need to make change allows for quicker transaction times and lower wait times, making the guest experience even better! Efficiency. The cashless model allows us to operate more efficiently and effectively, giving our team members the opportunity to focus more on you, our guest. Safer. Keeping guests and team members safe is number one priority for us on the farm. Cashless models have proven to be a safer model to implement across the retail and hospitality industries.

Is the entire farm cashless during all seasons?

Yes, the entire farm is cashless during all seasons. The only exception will be certain third-party food vendors within our Pumpkin Fest grounds.

Can I get a refund on the gift card if I don’t use all the money?

No, there are no refunds for either option. Gift card option - The value that remains on the gift card can be used at our farm on future dates. The gift cards can be used during any of the seasons we are open as well, such as our strawberry season in June, or the next fall season too!

Are there set minimums or maximums for gift cards? Any set incremental values?

Gift card option - There are no set incremental values, but our team members will not be able to give change back or break large bills. Any amount to the penny can be transferred onto the card with a $5 minimum. What you have in cash will be exactly transferred to the gift card.

Do you accept all types of card payments? What about digital payments?

We accept all major types of card payments that our POS system Square accepts. We also accept all digital, contactless payments that Square accepts, such as Apple Pay etc.

If I come to the farm with cash can I still make purchases?

Yes. However, for reasons listed above, we recommend against it. If you come with cash and not with credit, debit, or mobile, there is one option available. 1. A cash-to-gift card option is available at any of our registers. Guests will be able to transfer that cash onto a Basse gift card. The gift card can then be used throughout the farm for purchases (excluding certain third-party food vendors. No refunds or cashback on giftcards).